The weather this summer has been less than desirable and, although I’m currently away on holiday, for many people the end of August signifies the start of heading back to reality. You might be regretting it coming to the end of the summer and you not having explored the globe as much as you’d have liked, but sometimes it’s just not a viable option. When you have other commitments, you can only dream of jetting off to a new continent every week. However, there are some people who genuinely have the chance to do this every week.

On Instagram, you can live vicariously through the stunning photos uploaded. When I’m suffering from an extreme case of wanderlust, I like to take to my Insta feed and have a scroll of some of my favourite accounts. Here are my top five that I think you should definitely check out to satisfy your need to get away!


Sometimes a little bit of a subtle filter goes a long way and Jessica’s Instagram, @tuulavintage, is the perfect example of this! The shimmering blues and the white sands make me instantly want to book a flight to one of the gorgeous destinations featured on her feed. Chances are that once you land upon her carefully curated account that you’ll never want to stop scrolling. The multicoloured sunsets and the bustling city skylines are what make her feed so satisfying to view.

Bruschetta and beers overlooking Manarola 🍅🍺🌞🌻

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There is a reason that Jack from @doyoutravel has over 2.7 million followers, and one click onto his profile will make this apparent! If there is one phrase to describe his account it would be “incredibly aesthetically pleasing”. The aqua waters and the deep hues of burnt orange and terracotta that are used in his feed currently complement each other so beautifully that you’ll begin to wonder if the locations he’s visiting are even real. His account is definitely one that you should give a follow if you appreciate a good Insta theme, so take a look!




The next time you catch yourself daydreaming about your next foreign holiday, just take one look at @prettylittlelondon. With lavish flat-lay displays of food, you’ll be left wondering how the creator of the account captures each shot so perfectly. If you’ve ever found yourself trying to take a photo in the busy streets of the capital, then you’ll be left speechless at the peaceful feel that these photos give off. @prettylittlelondon’s account is guaranteed to make you feel that a trip to London is well overdue, so make sure to check out some of the restaurants featured to get that perfect snap!




If you’re currently contemplating booking a trip to Bali after seeing that it seems to be the “it” destination of the moment, then looking at Lauren from @gypsea_lust’s feed isn’t going to change your mind any sooner! Inherently girly, the pinkish hue that each of her photos has works so well with the soft focus that she uses on each image, transporting you to the dreamy locations that she visits. If you weren’t jealous of her feed enough already, the mouth-watering delicacies that she posts will leave you hungry and suddenly wanting to make an acai bowl!


Doing a whole lot of nothing, but chillll 🍦👌🏼

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Based in Chicago, Coco Liu’s moody theme offsets those summery vibes given to you by the rest of the Instagrammer’s mentioned, but that doesn’t mean that his photos don’t make you want to hop on over to a major city any less! The blurred lights and busy cityscapes that have been captured by @coco_liu really make you feel as though you’re wandering along the busy streets of Tokyo or catching a midnight cab ride through New York City. His photos, many of which are taken on an iPhone are captivating and haunting all at the same time, and really display another side of the travel industry!


Chinatown #sanfrancisco

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Are there any travel Instagram accounts that you can’t help but look at regularly? I would love to know if there are any more that I should add to my list, so let me know on any of my social media channels! If you’re looking for some added inspiration, you can always follow my own Instagram, @continentalconnoisseur to see my own travel pics.