Blogs, in general, are becoming a popular portal for those looking express their feelings and write about their lives. However, there is something about travel blogs which I have always found incredibly captivating. I have always loved to travel, but I have also loved to read about a place before I visit. Reading about a location can give you a real insight into what to expect and what you can do whilst visiting.

There are a number of travel blogs which I have followed for a while, which have inspired the start of this blog and the first post. With so many fantastic travel blogs out there, I have managed to narrow it down to my top five!

1 – Mapping Megan

Mapping Megan is probably one of the most influential travel bloggers out there. Her great content and incredible photos are what really makes this blog special. Along with her husband Mike, their posts include in-depth travel guides from their own experiences and journeys.

Describing themselves as ‘adrenaline junkies’ and ‘active travellers’, they created this blog in 2007 and have brought their readers some of the best adventure travel posts from around the globe.

My favourite post: Tips for an Epic Icelandic Road Trip

2 – A Luxury Travel Blog

For those who prefer the finer things in life, you should definitely be following this particular blog. A Luxury Travel Blog is a gateway for those who love to travel but in a more luxurious way. The blog is headed by Dr. Paul Johnson who has travelled extensively for the last 30 years.

Because of the great posts, it has lead A Luxury Travel Blog to be one of the most popular travel blogs in the world!

My favourite post: 14 Vineyards worth visiting

3 – David’s Been Here

David’s Been Here is great blog and is the perfect place to start if you are looking for travel inspiration. He has visited 68 countries and 1000 cities and writes about his experiences in each place he has visited. As well as providing his readers with a fantastic selection of posts, he also creates vlogs to give his viewers a more personal view of these locations.

If you are an aspiring blogger, his post on ‘How to Start a Travel Blog’ is well worth a read!

My favourite post: 20 Places You Must See in Malta

4 – Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt has a different approach to his blog, as he will only publish posts about locations which him or one of his guest columnists have visited. Nomadic Matt has some really interesting guides and books about a variety of locations, as well as covering things like budget travel.

With a loyal readership and outstanding content, he is really invested in helping his readers travel more with his advice and tips.

My favourite post: Paris Travel Guide

5 – Luxury Columnist

The Luxury Columnist is a blog dedicated to all things luxury, with posts about food and style as well as travel. The blog is headed by Suze, and she posts a number of blogs including travel guides, best restaurants and hidden gems which you can find on your travels. I especially love this blog as the content is written extremely well and is perfect if you love to travel, but prefer the finer things in life!

My favourite post: 6 Unmissable Hidden Gems in Rome

These are just a handful of some of the great travel blogs which can be found online. Reading them, can really help you on your travels and be a great guide for a destination you may be heading to! Have I missed your favourite blogger from my list? Let us know in the comments below: