I have been a vegetarian from about the age of 11, and this was mainly because I hated the texture and taste of meat. However, as I have got older, my views have changed and I strongly disagree with the way meat is produced for human consumption.

When travelling I find it incredibly difficult to find food I can actually eat, and this isn’t just due to me being a vegetarian, but as I am also an incredibly fussy eater. Carbs are the main staple in my diet, and when I am on holiday, I don’t actually want to have chips for every meal or massive plates of pasta, because I want to be able to experience local cuisine.

Depending on where you travel in the world, it can hard to find a great vegetarian dish whilst enjoying something traditional in the country you are visiting. Of course, in many touristy areas, the menus they have in restaurants to accommodate well to vegetarians, but they usually chuck a load of English dishes on there instead of letting us veggies get a true taste of the country.

1 – When you have to order the same meal over and over because all the other options have meat

Depending on where you are, there is not usually a lot of choices when it comes to vegetarian dishes. Additionally, I am an extremely fussy eater, so trying to find something which isn’t on the beige colour scale which I will actually enjoy.

However, don’t get me wrong, I love pasta, but it can get pretty repetitive.

2 – You can’t eat everywhere

When everyone wants to visit a steak house, and you know for a fact that their vegetarian options will be limited.

3 – Not wanting to travel abroad to certain places because you know there won’t be many foods you can eat there

Travelling can be difficult, especially when heading to places like China and Japan where meat is often served.

4 – Joking about eating meat

When someone says “you must miss bacon though?” erm…no!

5 – People getting the meaning of vegetarian confused

When you ask a waiter if something contains meat, only to find that once they have brought the dish out that it contains fish!

6 – Eating “healthy.”

Eating healthy is hard when you are at home, but even more so when you are aboard. As someone who doesn’t like the majority of vegetables, it can be hard to find something remotely healthy.

7 – Hating Mushrooms

Being a vegetarian and not liking mushrooms is a curse! You may find something which sounds nice, and then you look a little bit closer to find it contains mushrooms.

What are your struggles of being a vegetarian when on holiday? Let me know in the comments below: